Well yesterday when I got home there were two parcels sitting on my kitchen table. A book sized one and a 5kg box. I opened the book one as I was interested to see it. As I was knackered I left the box until today.

So here we have it in all its glory!

This was successfully funded on 28th July 2021. I now have it in my sweaty mitts.  Yeah it’s  a bit delayed, but to be fair to the Knights of Unity they have kept everyone up to speed on how things are going. Some people, (cough, cough),  didnt really follow things as religiously as others… I am a pretty trusting kind of a guy.

So as part of the kickstarter we did get some add ons…

I could have spent more money on extras but decided against it.

The quality of the artwork and design is excellent…

The boards are double sided and there are lots of cards (183) and tokens (100+) I haven’t got a clue what to do with them yet!

The base set from the kickstarter comes with seven cars and two motorbikes. I thought they were going to be quite small…nope they are actually quite big…

2p coin for scale

The board itself is 55cm x 40cm, it uses a system where the cars move forward or backwards in relation to each other. If they hit the left hnad side they are classed and far behind and the right means they are far ahead…

I am going to paint the vehicles as I think they will look a whole lot better, especially the black one as there are no details visible due to the colours.

Here is a quick shot of the back of the box…

I will let you know how it plays out. I will see if Joe can get to the club on Thursday. If not there is a Billy no Mates solo option as well as a downloadable game on steam.

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