New Toys, New Toys

Yes, today the postman drove his quad down my ice covered track to deliver my 2D6 Kickstarter samurai force, well technically Ikko Ikki.

I was very good and waited until I had sent a few emails and contacted a member of My staff before opening them….

Miniatures in the little box and resin buildings in the baggies.

So I was a bit surprised by the size of the little box and thought it was very light… so I opened them and had a mooch. Inside bubble wrap, inside a paper bag were these beauties…

They are really well detailed but as I looked at them I began to remember someone saying they were very small 6mm so I went and got my Baccus ones out to compare… and they are indeed teeny tiny in comparison…

By mistake I put the Baccus one in the box with the 2D6 one and was worried I would spend an age looking for them amongst the rest…..

Nope…Easy Peasy! They were so much bigger.

Anyway onto the resin houses, these are they type found in The mountainous regions of Japan. They have really high, steep sided roofs to help shed the winter snows. There are three houses that are the same and a little shrine. It was upon looking at these that I noticed another slight discrepancy regarding size…

That is the new stuff stood next to the doorways… not a biggy as they would work with 10mm too 😉. The Baccus ones would look better next to it. These are the original Mura miniatures ones that have been given a new lease of life by 2D6.

So anyway from being very excited about these I have been left feeling a little flat and a bit meh too. But no doubt once they are painted and based then they will be fine. They will become a force of diminutive monks and peasants who shall fight to keep their mountain home free from invaders (either that or they will sit in the box for five years (or 20 if my Irregular ones are anything to go by).