Well, I was going to paint the turtles tonight, but instead, I started messing around with my mapping software. I decided to splash out a bit as I wanted to make a town for our school’s imaginary Island and I ended up down a major rabbit hole!

The above was my first attempt at the Capital of Skeldorini. Not the world’s best map ever, but by heck, this software has a lot of potential!

To be fair to myself I did get some painting done at the Geek club, I just forgot to take a photo.

And in case you were wondering…

On my school blog I was able to add a link to an uploaded PDF, but for some reason, it is not letting me add it to media on my own personal blog!

You can find the PDF Link here It opens a downloadable PDF that allows you to zoom into the map. Please bear in mind that this was just a test map… so there are random gaps in the walls and a building way out in the west.

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