I am sat here feeling sorry for myself, with my right shin swelling up, not to mention hurting. This evening we went out into the snow to do the horse. The track was full of drifts of about 45CM high. Went up to the car, drove, did the horse, went shopping carried the bags the 200m down the track. Went back up the track 5o get the bale of haylage and on the way back I mis judged where the end of the cattle grid was ….

Through I went belted my ankle, shin and knee on the way in. Twisted everything else on the way down.

Here is the hole that my good lady took a photo of (after checking I was okay first though).

We had a day yesterday when the snow was nearly gone and it came back with a vengeance last night. More expected this evening along with 60mph winds!

As someone posted earlier… this isn’t winter anymore this is harassment!

9 thoughts on “Well That Bloody Hurt

      1. Ah yes, re-reading I see my mistake – hope the leg is tip-top soon! And to fair, both my boys are living in Maine, where they are under a severe winter weather advisory through tomorrow: 8-12 inches of snow with winds up to 50-mph!

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