Well Today was pretty crap. Our old Shetland had to be helped into the great pasture in the sky. He had got to 32. My wife has had him since he was six months old. I have known him for 25 years at least. Poor little chap was getting more doddering and in the end we think he had a stroke.

He was the last of her original driving ponies.

Hopefully I will get some painting done tomorrow. On the upside…I opened my school again today. Okay it snowed solidly for the first hour and a half. I was really beginning to think I had made a cock up. The sun eventually came out and the roads cleared again.

It was a rather nice view coming home…

15 thoughts on “Crap Day

  1. Awe man, I feel your loss, we had to take our rescue dog for his last walk yesterday, he was 15+ years old, so well past expected life span for his breed, and suffering from strokes and seizures these past week. Sad.

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