So this evening I eventually got my finger out and did a bit of wall building. Now if you remember last week I posted a picture of a weird-looking arch shape…

Well this is what they are used for….

The bit below the window is just sat there and not glued on!

you use the curved bit to accurately mark out the size of the window/door and cut these out. you then use a 3D-printed window/door to fill in the gap. The windows are a little trickier in that you have to cut the wall to meet the base of the window and then re-add it later.

Now I dropped a clanger with this test run. I grabbed some random pieces of 10mm blue foam and set to work drawing lines. obviously either it was off or I was off with a straight edge on the bottom. The set actually comes with a jig for drawing in the horizontal stone lines. I haven’t printed it yet. I am going to do it on the FDM printer to save a bit of cash.

All in all, I am quite pleased with the effect. It probably took five minutes from start to finish to get it looking like this.

WIndows and doors were one thing that I was always unhappy with. yes I can print whole buildings and I have, but I fancied a bit of scratch building again, to keep my hand in.

I will give these a proper go tomorrow and will show you the result.

Oh, and while I remember, I managed to fix both the boiler and the lights on the porch today. It turns out the boiler was overfilling as the ballcock had actually split below the waterline meaning it sat lower in the water.Thus it wasn’t shutting off the water until it went beyond the overflow. My wife was very impressed as there was no swearing at all, well apart from when I dropped the split pin and it bounced across the kitchen floor.

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