Well I fully intended to paint things tonight, however my wife contacted me at work to say there was a problem with the socket circuit. So after isolating various bit and bobs I eventually tracked it down to the big shed, and then down to my good lady’s office. I noticed an extension was wet so after swearing a lot I checked upwards to see where the leak had come in. It was all bone dry but her couch was soaking, her floor was soaking so after swearing more I went to leave then I noticed her fish swimming about… then I noticed the water level. I swore even more. Basically her metre long tank had pretty much emptied.

I couldn’t work out how a leak could fill an extension with water. So after rescuing the fish and emptying what water was left I noticed that the silicone seal had gone, not on the bottom as I had expected but the left side of the front had pretty much split all the way down.

So no painting at home, but I did paint piggy at geek club…

Still a long way to go, but getting there.

I also came home to a parcel…

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