Well if you remember, yesterday I printed out a roller or four. Today I downloaded another four. As I was doing so I noticed the guy had a YouTube channel so I went for a mooch. This channel had a link to a tutorial and down the rabbit hole I went.

My first attempt was a bit FUBAR as I only had a couple of textures in Blender. This set me off drawing my own … which in time turned into this…

I still haven’t tried it out yet. I had problems getting the inside smooth, so went into 3D Builder and inserted a cylinder then deleted it leaving the void a lot smoother.

A Lot of faff. But I am dead chuffed that I actually produced something that I took from an idea to something I can use.

I have a crazy paving version one in the works too. I am going to restart it as I got into a bit of a problematic loop.

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