Yes I managed to sneak up on the charity shop (thrift store) without it noticing and managed to find super things within! My theory is that if I decide to go in specially then there is nothing I want. If I go on the spur of the moment then I get stuff.

First up…

I was going to print off some ‘Word’ calendars for the One Ring and found these… how cool!

I was going to purchase some pots to put the flock in and found a whole pile at 50p each. I got thirteen for £5 so even cheaper as I took the whole lot. The ones I was looking at were £4 for two!

Here are some of them filled…

Luckily the labels came off the plastic bags

I also printed a pile more goblins as well as a textured roller.

The above roller is for cobblestones it says but they look a bit big. I would say they are more flagstones. I will try it on something tomorrow. I actually downloaded three in early December and totally forgot about them until today. Useful things to use up the end of a toll of filament.

I actually painted some stuff too…

I tried some of my rust paint on the armoured miniatures. Not sure why but it didn’t work, or at least not yet, so there may have to be a repaint.

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