Well as you know I found my copy of Campaign Cartographer 3 last night so I dropped an email last night to Pro Fantasy Software to see if they could help. Ralf emailed me today and by time I got home he had found my old email address that I had registered it with.

So the million dollar question is how much did it cost to upgrade to allow me to use it on my new machine. Just under £13.00. I couldn’t have bought a CD drive for that.

So a big thank you to Ralf over at Pro Fantasy software for his speedy sleuthing. Look out for random maps in the future.

Because I haven’t got a suitable picture you can all play guess what the bloody hell this is…. taken with a microscope…

Personally I think it is rather interesting!

11 thoughts on “Not a Bad Price

  1. It is the select Shetland DNA gene that makes you immune to cold, like fire festivals and read Hagar the Horrible comic strips!
    Either that or it is a pain of frosted glass, or a mineral liquid like Colloidal Iron for stain removal.

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