Yesterday I was doing a bit of printing and had some failed prints, I emptied the vat as there were some bits adhering to the FEP. It looked a bit worse for wear. But after a clean and a leak test I did a reprint. For whatever reason the FEP failed on print two. Luckily for me the leak cured and blocked the hole so I had some cured resin on the screen luckily only about the size of a penny… phew!

Tonight was FEP replacement time…

I did two of the three vats. Tomorrow I will re level the print bed and have another go at the prints.

I also decided to try a map this evening… so a bit of mindfulness colouring later I had this…

So just as I was adding the colour to the bottom of the map it hit me… I did a map online and copied it… why didn’t I just print out the online one?

An example of the software

14 thoughts on “Jeeez – That was Close

  1. I’ve seen some beautiful fantasy maps online recently. I’m not sure what tools were used (probably something expensive), but it got me to thinking about starting our own campaign map as well. Maps can be quite a bit of fun!

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      1. Oh wow, I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’ve seen people using. You’re right, it isn’t cheap by any means! Even with their current discounts. It might be cheaper for me to hire an artist to create a map by hand.


      2. I checked out one of the videos briefly and it does look really nice. CC3 by itself is $45usd, which isn’t horrible. I’ll think about it some more, as CC3 isn’t on sale currently (a number of the bundles are though). I just might end up buying it.

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  2. Maps are great- I don’t make enough of them really.

    I’ll look into some decent software I think. I can understand the theraputic side of doing them by hand but it is far more work to repeat them I find.



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  3. I saw someone make a random map by hand by throwing rice on paper, drawing around it and then filling in the details.
    Always thought that method looked rather fun!

    Maps are therapeutic though. I do like your hand coloured one, looks like it was more fun!

    Wonderdraft is a good map creation tool, for anyone looking.
    Not free software, but it doesn’t cost a bomb, either.

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