Nope no painting this evening as I needed to get some things sliced ASAP. I also got the remaining Reiklanders sliced too. Prepare for some gratuitous photos this weekend.

After various chores I decided to have another look through my Christmas present from Joe. Now One hex in The One ring is 20 miles. So it got me thinking of making some more detailed maps for areas of interest. Hence the hex paper.

I also started looking at the 1888 Ordinance Survey maps of the place where I came from in Northumberland/County Durham.

Now I am going to be honest here. My One Ring World has never been canon to Tolkien as I firmly believe that people didn’t just desert places permanently. So mine will have farmsteads, townships and the like… hence the OS maps.

Each of my maps will be 20×40 miles…so a fair old bit of space to fill on each one.

This may be the start of something new or fall by the wayside, but if truth be told I did like making maps in many of my earlier games.

It Wasn’t a bad morning on the way to work today…

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