Yes there are many Epic journeys in history, Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus to name a few. Little did I know that my journey this morning would be something close (okay I might be exaggerating a lot). I left the house before 10.00 and returned at 17.45. Why I hear you ask. A bit of shopping and the last few stocking fillers.

Lerwick was absolutely mental. Every single shops had queues outside the door. The Supermarket had actually run out of carrier bags, (I had forgotten to take mine in with me) they were giving out banana boxes.. I actually got  two from the last five in  the store.

I actually did have some success with a 3 foot live  Christmas tree…£6.25 instead of £25.

In the end we got pretty much everything we wanted.

On the hobby front, I managed to get the Batman and Harley finished. I also got some new miniatures glued together and onto bases. Can you guess what the game is going to be…

My son keeps pestering us for a lizard, thankfully we never gave in as five days without power would have been the end of it.

This one should be able to withstand most temperature ranges we get up here…

7 thoughts on “Epic Journeys

  1. Wow sounds like shopping up there is a whole lot of fun! We now have three blue tongue lizards around the property and as it finally getting warmed up(36 degrees C ) so they are out now lying in the sun, I don’ t think they would like it up in your neck of the woods.
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New year !

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  2. Well, at least you got what you wanted! 🙂 I like the minis and am assuming they’re for Silver Bayonet although I can’t quite tell and I think, statistically speaking, I’m wrong more times than I’m right! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

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