Doomed I tell you!

So as you know I like a bit of 3D printing and to support my Geek Club (who just happen to love the Goonmaster anthropomorphic miniatures) I joined their patreon… to be honest it wasn’t hard…look (badly photographed) chameleons…

However, this is not the doomed part… as I had jumped on the monthly payment for Goonmaster, one of my others was going to have to go the journey. Yeah!

I was going to drop Highland, as I have had three months of dwarves which I am not really that into. They were bringing out a new race… everyone was guessing… anywhere from Chaos dwarves to Wood Elves… sadly for me…

When I played Warhammer 6th Edition I loved The Orks and Goblins… I had a lot of Gobbos… I always wanted a whole 2000 point goblin army… looks like I have a chance thirty years later!

To be fair if it had been anything except Gobbos or wood elves I would have been gone.

So it would seem like my Lord of the Rings one will be going in the new year. I was supporting them from day one, about two and a half years ago and I have printed very little. The odd miniature here and there for the One Ring RPG and for the stalled battle of the Five Armies diorama.

It will be a case of if I want something I will buy it on My Mini Factory. I am hoping the paths of the dead will be next!

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