So foolishly I made my way to work today. Cold and Flu plus kept me on my feet. But my cover teacher was Poorly so off I went. Friday is technically a shorter day as we finish at 14.00. Well it would be if I didn’t run the Geek club.

If you remember we were making stone walls out of 10mm blue foam. This was where we got to today…

I am so proud of them. But more importantly they are proud of themselves.

We still have work to do but they are getting there. In the background is the tray for the spray varnish.

Sat in bed writing this, nose streaming and guts well and truly being coughed up…. Bleurgh!

8 thoughts on “Geek Club

  1. Those looks really nice! They should sell some at the local gaming club! I’m still catching up on posts, but hope you’re on the mends by now. Getting sick sucks!


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