So, as some of you know, I live on Shetland. An archipelago half way between Bergen and Aberdeen. it is 165 miles from Lerwick to Thurso via Orkney.

So as you might expect it can get a bit blowy in such an exposed position. In fact it has been so blowy that we haven’t had a boat for four days… hopefully it will be in tomorrow.

The bread, meat and fruit and veg aisles looked like this…

They had some gammon and pork, plus some bacon and one packet of sausages, three avocado, two beetroot, three punnets of plums and six packets of Eccles cakes.

The in store bakery section wasn’t bad. Obviously people seemed to only want sliced bread.

We were in to get some gift bags and some chocolates for a neighbour who helped capture our errant geese.

Living here does have its advantages though….

This was my run to work the other morning.

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