As you know, the geek club is up and running we have about half an hour on the Tuesday lunchtime and an hour Friday after school.

I am supporting them to use various materials. Today was blue foam walls.

We were going to get the modelling compound on from Geek Gaming Scenics but we ran out of time.

They have written to various companies to see if they are willing to help out. They wrote one to Goonmaster but unfortunately we couldn’t find an address or email for them.

My left arm is aching a bit as I got my Covid jab. I got the flu jab in the other arm but can’t feel that one.

6 thoughts on “CD Walls

  1. ouch, the double jab! I know the Health Agencies are saying it’s okay, but I decided to space them out by a week or two, just to give my body a chance to not fight both vaccinations at the same time!
    I like that you are moving them into simple scenery, it would be fun to see what scatter terrain they could come up with on their own after some basic techniques are taught!

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  2. compact discs make great bases – and these days they are so cheap too! The main disadvantage over MDF is that you had better like the size they come in because cutting them down is… not recommended.

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  3. Nice use for all those old AOL cds, haha! I got the double jab too. I felt the flu shot needle go in and sure enough had a bruise for a week. COVID shot I didn’t feel, but the arm was a bit sore for a few days. Luckily no other after effects.


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