Well, they sort of look like they are… these are going to be for Ronin and will become a skirmish force to fight against…well whoever really. I have samurai, bandit as well as sohei to have a bit of a punch up with.

I have printed two lots out, one for me and one for Joe. These are from the same company that my Sohei came from. They have been slowly releasing the stretch goals, I can now also have a 15mm Turtle ship… part of me really wants to print it just for the hell of it!

The above were based twice. I had three left to glue and suddenly realised I also using the wrong sized bases. Luckily a scalpel helped me remove them without total carnage.

Now one of these has me a bit confused. He is middle row, second from the right and is armed with a firearm. He also has some strange device between him and the weapon. At first I thought it was a support I missed, but it would appear not.

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