So I was perusing YouTube and came across this video

Army Painter Development team or something like that.

Three of the four YouTube channels I watch regularly and all got sent AP speedpaints and of the three not one of them mentioned reactivation. I am in no way saying it was a set up, lots of other people got sent the paints too. I just find it interesting to see where this goes…

its fine though Vallejo are bringing out their Xpress range in November and they Don’t reactivate.

Since my initial problems with reactivation I have probably used my AP Speedpaints three times, only using the odd colour and now that I have a nice purple in my Dipping inks and I can get one in Contrast too then I think they will remain on their shelf.

2 thoughts on “Hmmmmmmm

  1. The first line of the AP video description is:

    We’ve hired 5 of your favorite painters, from 4 of your favorite channels to help us make Speedpaint even bigger, and better than ever! Go behind-the-scenes for our first group meeting.

    I see ZERO potentially biased videos in our future! 😀

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