Sat at a ferry terminal waiting for someone to get off, who didn’t get off it. So it gives me a chance to update the blog, I forgot last night). Eventually said person got off the next ferry. Luckily I wasn’t meant to be teaching as I rolled into school at 09.20. I just remembered right now that I hadn’t even finished this post!

So hobby wise I have hit the proverbial wall and am really, really struggling to get even a glimmer of motivation. The only painting I have managed last week was Geek club!

The printer has been busy though…

More dwarves for Joe. Now I am not into dwarves, but these are really nice. More undead is coming in October!

I also eventually got the whole of the German civilian fleet to print. My favourite is front left… the one that never printed at all.

Hopefully I can get motivated soon, really not feeling it though.

4 thoughts on “A bit of Printing

  1. I think we all go through ups and downs with motivation and sometimes life just gets in the way. Love the prints. At the moment I have had the Russian Silver bayonet box half done and it has taken me weeks to get that far, Forcing myself tonight to get at least some finished.

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  2. Oi, but I hate when I get a case of hobby block. I feel your pain, as I have too many stalled projects on the painting desk, mostly do to work pressures – sigh!

    I think in a day or two you’ll be right back at it!

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