Well, I thought I had better let you know that I am alive and kicking… I have been a bit quiet of late for a number of reasons

Number one being that my school is having a mini inspection today and tomorrow so my mind, shall we say is elsewhere. Initial feedback seems positive so even though I was overdosing on cold and flu plus, I am pleased. Somehow I managed nearly 10,000 steps today even though I went to bed as soon as I got in.

Feeling gradually more crap over the weekend didnt really help, not to mention preparing a pile of scientific experiments for the kids in class today

Friday I went all, literary and went to see a talk by Dr Cat Jarman, who wrote River Kings. All about Viking trade… well worth a read if you can get it where you are.

Earlier in the week we tried the New One Ring. My two eldest and Joe made characters…I will probably get used to it, but there are enough similarities and differences to be a bit annoying, for me anyway.

Geek club carries on, with them all finishing off their second figure and in some cases making a start on their third. I will hopefully get photos tomorrow.

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