The last few days have been some of the most frustrating in 3D printing since the infamous Kabuto incident of 2019…I said I would print up a 40k Rhino for him. I suggested Thingiverse as sometimes there is good stuff is on there… sadly not this time. I got there in the end but it is Crap!

Here Mr Otterton inspects it. I had a few issues… first off was what is one supposed to look like. With zero interest in 40 k I wasn’t actually sure l. After checking a few reference pictures it seemed to be fine…ish. Seems to be missing rear exhaust ports and looks really wide.

The model itself was solid… way too much resin so I had to hollow out all the pieces.

It was split into five bits with no keys to make it go back together easily. Not dissing the designer here as I couldn’t have done this, but it really would have helped.

Each set of the two sides took nearly twelve hours to print… two sets of six for each bit.The middle section went weird and the rear doors look like the inside of an old ladies knitting box. This bit was over eight hours because of its size.

But the most annoying bit…

The sides are different sizes. Initially I thought user error, somehow I accidentally increased one of them. I don’t think so as the lights and exhausts seem to be the same size on both sides, same with the indentation. To be fair I could have reprinted one side and matched whichever it fitted… but by this evening I really, really couldn’t be ars*d.

Now there are a few out there that he could purchase, but he will need to check that they look right and also that they are printable.

Tonight I heard one of my new favourite taglines… this was by Chuck Yeager… he had mentioned ‘Sexual Intellectuals’ aka F*cking Know it All’s. I am so going to use it from now on.

I also finished the Sohei this evening…

Just some flock to add😜

Tomorrow I will endeavour to get some more painting done. I have a pile of samurai forces already undercoated in 15mm, so they seem a good place to start.

9 thoughts on “When a Rhino is Not Worth Saving!

  1. Looks like the old original Rhino to me, but what a waste of time and resin! trouble is as the old saying goes “If something is free, there’s probably a reason it’s free!”

    I can see a destroyed Rhino scenic piece in your mates future! 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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