By Heck…this little blog of mine has been going five years…who would have thought that i could spout random guff for so long… but evidently I can.. I have spouted so much in fact that I now have to pay for it…

Anyway in those five years I have managed …

1806 posts …that’s quite a lot I think

Over 14,000 visitors with 43,200 views

With my best ever views in a single day being 137.

I would seem to have 203 followers, of which about a tenth engage with me and and probably not that many know what a model soldier is…upon saying this there are artists and even a couple of members of my family… Esther probably keeps an eye on me to see what I am sending my pocket money on :🤣😅🤣😅

My first post was a Flintloque one…actually my first one said so it begins… my first one with anything to look at can fe found below…

The first miniatures appeared

So after a stint of something like 960 daily posts, I have dropped right back… to once in a blue moon…I really must get back into the swing of things again…

26 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Brilliant Steve well done,on that note I must be coming up to that mark as it seems like for ever that I have been checking out your bloody interesting modelling and you and your families battles with the elements in Gods chosen islands!

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  2. Congratulations on the five-year run! There are a lot of pretend followers on WordPress who use the tactic of following and liking in the hope of inflating their own follower count in return – I’ve done several purges of my followers over the years to remove ones that look “fake” but there are enough real hobbyists out there as well at least.

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