So we made it ashore and are breakfasting in Macdonald’s as James has never been in one. We had to be off the ferry by 08.00 but we’re twenty minutes earlier so mooching around the empty streets of Aberdeen until 09.00

Train to Glasgow is 11.45 so we are wasting time … about to head off into the busier streets of Aberdeen now.

5 thoughts on “D +1

  1. Always interesting to me how McDonalds menu changes in other countries. We don’t have “brown sauce” here. Actually a lot of people here avoid McDonalds, but I’ve heard it’s more upscale in other countries.

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      1. Oh, haha! Funny how we speak the same language, but sometimes I feel like I’m in a whole different planet than my blog buddies! It’s pretty fun to learn all this stuff and I’m almost getting the hang of the slang. Though don’t expect me to understand Pikey anytime soon! 😉

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