Today was digger day and it was good, but a bit stressful, fun. Fun because it was a digger, stressful in case I cocked up and broke it or dug the bucket in too deep.

You can certainly tell where I have been now, but it was a bit annoying that it had heaved it down yesterday so I was playing with a lot of water too.

I could do with a tonne of gravel to go into the few remaining holes, but that will have to wait.

Anyway after diggering I got to open a couple of parcels. The first being a new pair of shoes and the second being some bits and pieces of terrain…

Already have some of the Battle Systems terrain stuff, just never got around to building it or showing it off on the blog…

4 thoughts on “New Parcel and Digger Fun

  1. Battle Systems is pretty sweet. I used it to cover up my Frostgrave table, then I started to get into XPS foam which can be quite a bit of fun, though it takes up more room than battle systems and so far I just mainly have single walls. I like that road quite a bit, great to lie down over the battle mat.

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