Well I have achieved very little over the last couple of days, mainly because I am feeling knackered  and lacking motivation. Hopefully I will crack back in with things tomorrow.

Now the regular follower of my blog will know I do like my Samurai forces and indeed I am printing and sort of painting 15mm forces for games of Ronin. So far I have got everything from 6mm – 28mm

So whilst doing sod all on the painting front I have been playing Ghost of Tsushima on the console. You play the main protagonist Jin Sakai who is a Samurai defending his home island from the Mongol invasion. So as the game had progressed I am becoming less of a Samurai and more of a brutal, killing machine. My honour seems to have gone out the window as I throw various explosive devices into the midst of my foes, or drop on them from a rooftop and stick my katana through their torso. To be fair though I am good at saving the peasants from the evil invaders. So they think I am awesome…one of the characters in game did think I was enjoying it a bit much and said as much after watching me take on a Mongol force.

The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and whilst playing it it dawned on me that I have everything I need, except for some Mongols to do some kind of diorama… so watch this space and see if I ever do manage to get it done… remember the woodland Indians diorama from a couple of years ago… nope neither do I… I only remembered about the miniatures when I was hunting for Samurai pictures for this post…

This is the armour I am going to recreate in the diorama if I ever actually get it done… I have a Battle of the Five Armies to do too!

Right off to sneak into a Mongol encampment and emm stop them being naughty!

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