Well today I decided decided that I couldn’t be bothered to fire up the airbrush so used the brush for the big beastie…

I went on a greenish look, to be honest it doesn’t look very undead looking, but then again it looks like a living thing and not dead looking, so I think it will work.

I got the rider done too…

Now the rider needs a wash over him, but you can see the colours I went for… purple robes as befits a posh dead dude on a scary flying thing.

Joe came over for a game this evening so we went for U-Boot and did the training mission… we actually survived after sinking four ships, checking the weather in a certain area and trying to shoot down a very persistent plane..it actually shot us… luckily no-one went down.

Here we are stalking our prey…

Not long to impact!

Hopefully I will get the big thing finished tomorrow.

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