So in my pain filled time in bed, in between sleeping and yelping (sadly my back is still buggered) I had a mooch on my minifactory and ended up joining Highland Miniatures on their Patreon …they can be found here

I have been considering them for a good while and eventually bit the bullet.

The following image popped up in my Google image reminders, I made this kit to help out a school who wanted to visit the castle and have a Knight in it. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the castle was from the 16th century

One thought on “New Patreon Starts

  1. Great site. Fortunately there was nothing I wanted……phew!! Hope your on the mend. A knight like that should be able to banish Covid and a bad back. Oh wait the Covid and bad back has already been banished to Shetland!

    Get better soon mate.
    David and Maree

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