Tonight I was all set to paint this chap. He is my veteran monster hunter. Complete with a werewolf pelt on his shoulder as befits his role. He has also lost an eye, obviously fighting something scary.

Unfortunately ,just as I had got set up ,my wife came in to say that whilst on a walk she had come across both a lamb and a sheep wrapped up in electric fence wire. So off we set armed with cutting implements to rescue said beasties. We did our duty and I sang born free really loudly as they ran off, kicking me in the groin as they fled.

I only wish animals would sit still and be rescued rather than going loopy. In the end we had to sit on them to allow us to cut them free.

By time all the excitement was over then I really couldn’t be bothered to paint anything.

I will hopefully get him done tonight. I am going dark green jacket with red trim as well as dark grey overall trousers.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Sheepish

  1. Well over here we don’t normally sit on them as a rule but I have heard something about the use of gum boots (wellingtons) but I wont go into that!! Rescuing animals from electric fences sound risky, so well done.

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