So my metal pikes arrived today so I decided to do a test run on one of the pikemen. First off I clipped off the pike and then attempted to drill out the hand. In doing so I snapped the arm at the biceps. Eventually I got through and snapped the fingers off too.

Now this is about half the width of the other one, 1mm diameter actually. I reckon drilling all the hands out will be a bloody nightmare. I think I will do a pile of hands with the holes drilled though in the software. That way I can snip hands off and then superglue everything back together and paint it up in situ.

Amongst our many beasties we have a pair of geese. These are Shetland geese and as such are a bit rare. Every year the goose sits while the gander mooches about picking up unattached grey lags. For the last four years she never hatched a single gosling… so this was a definite surprise!

We do wonder if he wasn’t the only one picking up unattached grey lags!

4 thoughts on “Pointy Sticks

  1. Seems a goosey goosey gander may indeed have been a wandering. The pikes/spear look great and sharp. Don’t let a cat near them as I once had to run around the house after a cat picking up figures because he sat on a unit of sharp pikes!

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  2. Well mate the new pikes look great,its a shame you have to go to all that trouble! Now as for geese! they had four of the pesky critters on the farm I worked on in Suffolk back in the seventies and they used to attack the young daughter when she came home from school, many a time I had to scare them of. It would have been scary for her as she was very young and they were nearly as tall as her. Later on a trip back there thirty five years later I asked her if she remembered them to which she replied”Oh yeah they were horrible!”

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