Today I managed to get a bit of painting done as I was in the house due to having a bit of a head cold. I also had to go and pick up Esther from the Ferry first thing this morning so I had a bit longer to paint too.

I still have another three orks to do before going onto the rest.

When I picked up Esther at the ferry, I also picked up her sister and our new house guest….

Skyla will be with us for the next week.

7 thoughts on “I Got Carried Away!

  1. Nice work on the Flintloque mini’s, is the middle one “Sharpe” or “Sharke” as I seem to remember him being called, I never owned that mini as we didn’t buy the original box game, just packs of mini’s (and a naughty photo copy of the rules sssshhhh 🤫).

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. That’s really kind of you Steve, but I sadly sold on all my “Flintloque” stuff years ago, but thanks for the offer mate. I did have the “Sweet William” figure you showed a while back, who lead my 101st Rifles, My other two units were the “Innis’killings” and “North Ork’shire regiment. 😁

        Cheers Roger.

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