Last night we played the fourth scenario in the Silver Bayonet…

An agent had been killed in the forest and both forces had to findmthe body and retrieve his signet ring to prove the rumours were true. The first team assigned to this had been chased off by some strange squat creatures… I mean whatever could possibly go wrong! 🙄

The five markers across the middle of the table were the clue markers…one of them would be the missing agent.

As you can see we set up in opposite corners and off we set. I won initiative and moved to the wood as my officer and investigator moved towards the marker, Joe did likewise.

Unfortunately for Joe the Goblin on the centre hill saw his troops and moved off towards them. Unfortunately for me a goblin randomly chose to appear right next to the marker so a bit of a scrap occurred. In fact my officer and agent were stuck there for the next four turns as all Goblins appeared at the same spot… on the upside I got a lot of points for killing them all…

I moved the marker and miniatures for a photo opportunity.

Now luckily for me both of the above were armed with cold iron weapons, which negates the 4 points damage reduction against the Goblins, also my officer was lucky enough to be wearing a religious symbol, which thankfully causes the Goblins to take a -3 to hit… this alone kept my officer alive on a number of occasions.

By turn three all hell was breaking loose across the centre, not to mention that Joe had found the missing agent’s body…

The goblin attacking Joe and did a bit of damage on the officer, but as said officer had already blasted him with a blunderbuss then he quickly decided to lie down.

As I said things got a bit messy in the centre, by turn five bodies were piled everywhere

We managed on double one whole game and this led to a possessed scary thing which thankfully appeared on Joe’s side of the table, unfortunately for me, not close enough to stop his infantryman carrying off the agents ring.

Once again my poor investigator did his best to chase the artefact, and once again it slipped through his fingers.

In the end Joe had four of his force downed and I lost one.

Injuries for his officer was a permanent reduction of -1 to health, this goes alongside the jitters which gives him a permanent-1 to his courage roll. His Swordswoman took a ball to the knee and has a -1 to he movement, she also has the jitters. His doctor and infantryman took only a flesh wound so are fine.

My one casualty was extremely unlucky as he was killed by the extremely accurate shot that got him. This is after he did a reroll to reduce his damage, which he did… sadly just not enough… I rolled a six, I needed a seven! So poor Francois, the Miller’s son from Lille, will sadly no longer make it home to his wife and young child.

Louise Julie, comtesse de Mailly did an excellent job cursing just about everyone in her line of sight, it was her intervention at one point that kept the noble officer alive. Captain Jean Luc Picard was most grateful that he found such a useful associate. He was also lucky that as a comtesse, she could never be claimed to be a witch.

It was another great game, total casualties across the three forces were and amazing ten downed. My force comprised eight, Joe had seven and the Goblins five.

We are going to take a break for a while, bit it will give me time to sort out more terrain and to find all the monsters I might need. I can see some 3D printing is going to take place for some of them.

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