Well I have had another night on the sidelines. Back is still buggered and I, technically, am down one tooth. I say technically as I still have it with me… just not I  my gob

The nice dentist gave me it back in a little packet to stick under my pillow… I reckon I should have 50p under there tomorrow.

To be fair it had developed an abcess. I had the temporary fillings replaced in November. The root canal had been started six years ago and through various reasons had never been finished. They did warn me in November that the procedure might not work.

The dentist tonight showed me the xray and it didn’t look to hopeful. She would have given it another go, but said it would probably end up with more pain in the future and would end up having to have it removed at a later date.

As it happens it came out so easily that she dropped it.  It took longer for the numbing stuff to kick in than the extraction.

6 thoughts on “Bits Missing

  1. Good luck with the tooth fairy. The 10th century North Legend is only about children’s “baby” teeth. They were thought to be valuable and to bring good luck, and some warriors would even fashion necklaces out of multiple teeth to protect them and keep them safe during battle.‍
    Still you are North enough so maybe worth a try!

    Unfortunately I don’t know of a “back fairy”!

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