Well no painting took place today as pile of stuff needed to go into the loft and whilst I was up there I came across some of my terrain that used to spend hours building…

The Governor’s residence in card

I am not sure what happened to the first floor of the building.it probably got chucked years ago with the rest. The room to the right was the ballroom where various shenanigans took place.

In the I used to spend hours at a time cutting out the buildings and then using Copydex to put them together. I actually used them for Roleplaying games as I wasn’t Wargaming back then. Even if they didn’t have an interior then I would add one. As you can imagine 28mm mansions tender to be a bit on the large side. I actually don’t know how much money I spent on card and ink cartridges. In the end to save both my sanity and my wallet I started just doing the floor plan  with bits and pieces of scatter.

6 thoughts on “Before 3D Printing There was…

  1. My first wargame buildings were a set of village structures from a cereal(?) box promotion. I’ve been thinking of making up some of the old Warhammer Townscape stuff again for RPGs. Now where did I put that Copydex…

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