This evening I went for 6, 15 and 28mm miniatures.

I worked on my Italian Wars, I did some work on the Sengoku Monsters and bones and the I sort of finished my Flintloque Guerrillas…I realised after taking the photo that there were a couple of bits that needed doing.

Although the flu has gone, the cough persists intermittently… trouble I am having now is insomnia. I think my body got used to maps all day and coughing all night… it now thinks this is the norm.

Hopefully it will settle soon as I am back to work on Wednesday and Teaching on Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Eclectic Painting

  1. Wow you were laid low for Five weeks mate!!! I haven’t been of work for all that time in my entire working life!! Hope I don’t that one matey, make sure you take care!!


      1. No mate by the sounds of it you got a drubbing, my brother had a mild case but his partner was laid low for a week and like yourself suffered badly, they say it was the covid one.

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