Woodlouse I managed 90 minutes up today doing things, the downside was that I needed to go and lie down again afterwards, but I managed it so that is good.

The down side with all this being in bed is boredom. I have watched YouTube nonstop now and have pretty much run through all of the back catalogue of the channels I subscribe to. I am now on the fringe areas of YouTube and am seeing if I have ASMR… the one channel that does totally chill me out is the Crafsman Show. Absolutely love that channel.

Today I ended up watching the Hornby channel… simply because he was making a Ffestiniog Railway based board. I worked there as a student for about 8 years, so was bit interested.

I am now, as I said, very bored of bed and tomorrow I am going to go for a day up on the sofa.

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