After a day of working with the comedic thumb protector on I decided I would try some painting. I managed to get the grey basecoat on the 6mm forces Ihad chosen to make a start on. I also managed to get some colour on some too. Sand has been added to hide the bases.

What wasn’t expecting to do was to repair eight of the twelve 28mm pikes after one of the kittens decided to leap on them. I luckily managed to find most of the bits. It was total carnage…these four had the pikes snapped off at the hand. Some lost arms or hands, one was snapped off at the ankle.

One of the Pike tops was a metre away from where the cat landed. The one with the red hat has lost his Pike butt. The one on the left needs his feathers adding to the helmet again.

I had moved them out of the way in case I knocked them off with the other things I was moving around. I certainly wasn’t expecting a cat to land directly on them.

In other news… my family is awaiting on another couple of PCR’S. I am seriously getting sick of this effing plague. To make matters worse I have actually hired a car as one of mine is in the garage with a problem. I had to pick it up yesterday as I couldn’t do it today. At 09.30 today we had to call the NHS for a couple of Covid tests. Needless to say with all of this I am having a bit of a sense of humour failure.

7 thoughts on “Restarting Work on the Italian Wars

  1. I agree my friend, dealing with COVID-19 vis-a-vis and it’s variants is getting old. It’s nearly 2 years old now and we here in the States are still well below the vaccination threshold for re-opening fully. Me thinks this will be another deadly winter.
    Cats, oh my. So glad our cat has gotten out of kitten-hood and, frankly, too fat to jump much except of food hitting the bowl! LOL
    Stay safe and keep that sunny disposition!

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