This evening we are in the grip of storm Arwen, its a bit windy even for us up here. We also have snow showers to add a bit more excitement to the evening. My good lady does not enjoy driving in the snow, but has had to go into work this evening as no-one else could or would do it, so being a jolly decent chap I said I would drive her in and pick her up. After doing the horse a then a bit of shopping it actually wasn’t worth going home for an hour. So here I am sat in Mareel drinking very strong coffee and eating cake, which to be honest I shouldn’t have eaten as it was a bit sickly sweet…

This means that my painting plan for tonight has gone out of the window. I doubt I will get anything done tomorrow evening as Joe is coming over for a game or two of HOTT. I might have the ironclads done by then and if so then we can have a go at that.

As I am sat here wasting time, I am wondering where to go with the blog.

At the minute I have done at least one post a day for 843 days and have done 1562 posts since I started in late 2017. Considering my first two attempts at blogging didn’t get past three posts between the two of them the I think I haven’t done too bad.

he question I am asking myself is do I keep going with a post a day or ease back a bit. The post a night has become a habit and sometimes I think I need an early night, but end up staying up to write a post. I will keep up,Painting most nights but am considering combining a few evening’s worth into one post. I still haven’t decided on what way I am going and indeed I might fret if I don’t get a blog post done nightly… you will be the first to know… well actually you will be second… I am probably going to be first.

In terms of the hobby, there is the never ending Italian Wars project… I do have 28mm as well as the 6mm too..

I have 6mm Samurai to finish as well as 2mm Ancients

And let’s not forget this poor lot….

This was them back jn June, they are now chipped and need a bit of TLC to get them back to a ready to carry on level. At least the ones in the background have had some progress made.

I do of course have a cyber mountain of shame with so much to print there and then of course paint up…

My mate asked me to paint up a pile of his Sengoku monster hunter miniatures too. Some should be quicker than others… but first things first…

Let’s get this project finished!

11 thoughts on “Cake Happens

  1. The wind and rain have picked up a bit here… but you can never go wrong with cake imo.

    Whilst I’m massively impressed with your blogging run I would want you to feel beholden to it in the slightest.



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  2. Storm Arwen’s been blowing well all night in North East England – those people who didn’t pay attention to the weather warnings are now going to have to send out search parties for their wheelie bins! Hope you got home safely! I wouldn’t say no to coffee and cake!
    With the blogging you’ve maybe just got to achieve a balance you think you’ll feel happier with, but enjoying what you do is what matters most I think! 🙂

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  3. We had a bit of wind down in the South West. It may have got worse but if it did I slept through it! Agree with other comments about the blog but if you did blog less you could fill the time gap with trips to the coffee shop for more cake?! 😋

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  4. Cake and coffee, yes! I’ve been having that for breakfast for the past 3 days!
    As to the blog, I know I wouldn’t have the discipline nor the topics to blog everyday, but it is a bit therapeutic, and if it does more good than harm, I say continue on!

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  5. You should blog solely because you enjoy it. I think that I recall that previously you’d written that your blogging is good for your mental health so if that’s still the case then it’s definitely worth it. For what it’s worth, I enjoy reading your words.


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