Or to be ore accurate, really small big cannons… yes I worked on the larger artillery pieces this evening and got a bit more done…

Not a huge amount of progress but I am slowly chipping away. I think I needed a break away from these for a little while as J was getting burned out… not really surprising as there were pikes as far as the eye could see…

I also added a bit more colour to my German Aether fleet….

They are getting closer to being finished. I am not too struck on the copper colour and will probably either shade it a bit or more likely repaint it in a brass colour… only problem is… I only have Army Painter Metallics and frankly they are crap.

Oh yeah while I remember, I came in this evening and went to pull the light cord and noticed it was wet in my porch, luckily for me I noticed… the roof must have sprung a leak in the apocalyptic rain we have had over the last couple of days. It decided to fill the light switch with water. Luckily past Stephen built in a switch to isolate it…. guess what I am up to tomorrow before more apocalyptic rain and wind arrives.

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