Evidently painted resin pikes aren’t jmpervious to having an empty PLA spool dropped on them from about a metre…

As you can see some miniatures have totally ceased to exist. One base needs the front row replacing. One is complete gone I think as all of the Pikes on the right have gone.

Now the other week I did start pondering on how to replace the pikes in the middle and rear. I was going to use the flexible mixed resin and make only pikes that could be glued in situ. Either individually or in a strip.

Ironically, it happened as I was tidying up my painting station to avoid things getting damaged. I had taken a surplus box of cosplay resources out and put it on a top shelf, dislodging the PLA spool!

What surprised me is that any survived at all.

I will shortly go an sit in a darkened room until the urge to swear loudly and continuously goes away!

Funnily enough I had already taken a photo for tonight’s blog. Evidently it is not a good idea to fix a 2p onto a bit of wood with Copydex as, although it holds well, it leaves a heck of a sticky mess behind when you remove the coin…

12 thoughts on “Bottom, Willy, Bum and Pooh!!!!!

  1. Ouch! sorry to hear this mate, I know how you feel I was once putting a box of about a hundred painted 25mm Dwarves up into the loft when they slipped out of my hand and fell down the stairs!! (I still haven’t looked in that box since!! (must be 8+ years ago now).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. That’s another good excuse I can use when explaining my messy modelling station Steve, Like Rodger I have had some ill fortune but I have learnt that swearing does not fix them!!


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