Sadly no pikes were processed this evening, instead we managed to get an Aliens Game in. As per usual they managed to oil it out of the bag when most needed, in fact only two panic rolls were made all evening… which must be a record.

So after escaping the working Joe’s at the under water Lab then they mare off to the underwater city, which turned out to be part underwater and part in a sea mount.

They helped a life raft from the crashed space ship only to find the occupants had died when there had been an air leak. On the upside though they managed to obtain some more weapons and equipment from the deceased. They were also hunted Down by a packman scary alien octopi who damaged the craft, but again managed to repair the damage.

We also made Characters for my eldest’s game. We have a bard, a thief and a ranger. We will see how we get in with this.

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