This evening I thought I had better get rid of some of the half finished projects on my painting station. As the 2mm cavalry and infantry were on the top I went with them.

Because of Birthday, bath and bed, I really didnt have time to do too much. Flesh over everything then starting to add different browns etc for the cavalry and then white for the shield fronts on the Greek infantry. These will get the bronze armour done next.

As for the 6mm Italian Wars stuff, well I am going to have to go back through my blog to see what size I printed them at… 60% I think, but I will have to give it a look see.

When I said yesterday that I thought I had enough arqubusiers… this is what I am talking about…

Now I think I gave Joe a pile, perhaps not, that might be the reason why I still have an armies worth in a box.

I am actually feeling a little daunted with the task ahead. So to get myself into the groove I am going to go for well painted (relatively in my case) on the front row on each base with speed painting on the following ranks. As you can see by the photo I showed yesterday, there isn’t much room to see a lot of high quality paint work.

To be honest I could probably get away with painting the outside two and then getting the rest done in a dark wash, with the odd splash of colour on the upper torso and head. The one thing I do know is that I am going to hate painting pikes by time this is over.

I know I am grumbling a bit, but I do reckon they are going to look pretty good by time they are all finished.

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