I managed to get the sand covered in PVA this morning, so it was ready to paint this evening…

I got cracking with the bases painting the base green level with added brown for roads and building areas…

This photo was taken four hours ago and the paint is still wet… so I have indeed been watching paint dry this evening. I couldn’t be bothered to go and get a mixing tile so grabbed the next best thing…

Yes a good old Tesco Yeast extract lid was washed and available.

My Friend Carl pointed me in the direction of a new Kickstarter…and as I am running an Alien RPG … I just had to go and have a look…. we all know where this is going don’t we! Aliens

I am doing a freebie one this evening… five and a half hours… I am used to 50 minutes…. I am doing a couple, one for me and one for Carl. Freebie

I will find out tomorrow how well they have come out.

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