Happy Blog Day to Me, Happy Blog Day to Me, Happy Blog Day to Me – eeee, Happy Blog Day to Me!

Yes I have made it to another Blog Birthday… I sort of cannot believe it, but this old piece of Internet bonkersness has been going for four years today…

In that time I have made 1468 posts, and had just under 10,000 visitors (okay 9890 to be exact)…Which is quite unbelievable too.

I am now on 752 days of daily blogging, so for the last two years I have bored you at least once a day, sometimes twice and on the odd occasions three times.

But I do want to say a big thank you to my regulars who have been great fun to be around and who have actually been a great support when the bumps jn the road appeared. Let’s not forget those people who popped by to see some toys and also to the people who just randomly drop by and leave a like, even though sometimes it seems like they dropped on my post by accident.

So where do I go from here, I don’t have a specific direction apart from keep adding to it, I am eventually going to run out of space, my 6gb of space is 75% full already. I should really stop the daily blogging, as it would allow me to go to bed at a sensible time and stop boring you all if nothing else. Problem is it has become a habit… plus I wouldn’t know what to do with the spare time… well apart from sleep.

I was going to show you some pictures of more printed stuff, but after a whole summer with a lack of midges, they have made up for it tonight. I have never, ever seen them so bad, so as the shed is about 15 metres away I thought sod it, the pictures can wait until tomorrow.

So once again a big thank you and I hope you will join me for the next four years on my journey with teeny, tiny army men.



20 thoughts on “Happy Blog Day

  1. Happy Blogday! Your daily blogging continues to impress – I don’t know how you manage it (you’ve been blogging about half as long as I have but you’ve made more than twice as many posts). Yeah the midgies seem to have woken up lately haven’t they, they’ve not been too bad up until now and suddenly they’re fierce. Just keep praying for a wind and holding out for the first frost!

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