Tonight idid a bit more on the Hill Fort, Chief Vitalstatistix is pleased with the progress. I need to cure the resin on the other houses, a job for tomorrow night methinks.

As you can see frommthe above photo, I did a bit more work in my Romans. I pretty much got six ‘units’ of heavies and three Velites finished. I will work on the cavalry tomorrow.

I was originally going to be going to the wargames club tomorrow evening, but unfortunately the old new car failed it’s MOT.. the downside is that it decided to fail on something big like the rear drive shaft… the part alone is £1100… on the upside we bought it just under a year ago and it has two weeks still to go on its warranty. Phew! It is going to be a faff getting to the club, it is do-able but not sure it is worth the hassle.

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