So after various failures over the last couple of days I decided to try again doing some Romans. I did two on a 40×30 base and some in the standard format. I checked the bottoms to ensure that there was suitable support and set it away. Sadly they once again fell apart as I took the supports off. I might out one into Mesh Mixer tomorrow to see if I can see what is going on. You would think that a big block would work well, but sadly not, they dropped to bits, as did the velites.

The ones on the multi base seem to be holding together. To the right of them are the cavalry I added a .5mm base to each block and to the left the multi base cavalry (they aren’t finished yet). I have yet to try the flexible resin, but I don’t think that it will stop things falling apart. The other thing I will do as ask the designer what his settings are. I am probably just either over or under exposing them.

Anyway enough moaning about the Romans… Boudicca lives in 2mm in her war chariot….

So here we have eight chariots, singers back left and light cavalry back right. Hopefully these will come off their bases properly.

Tomorrow we are doing our 48 point Sudan game against Mr Babbage… in case you are wondering Mr B. Is the opponent in the solo play game of Men who would be Kings. Joe and I are going to join forces with 24 points each against a 48 point imaginary opponent…I only hope he doesn’t beat us

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