So today I have printed another 120 strips of pikes for Joe who is joining me on the 6mm Italian Wars extravaganza.. or as I want to put it…how many pikes do I need to paint.

Tomorrow I start on the hand gunners, I will need a fair few of those too, both as skirmishers and units of Shot to go worth the pikes. Each Pike block gets a unit of skirmishers per front rank of Pike, the Tercio have the same number of shot as Pike.. so for mine I will need 16 bases of Spanish shot and four of skirmishers to add to the pikes.

I also got some more done on the 28mm chappies…

The first of the above was taken by my good lady, probably to stop me flinging my tablet across the room hers shows pretty much the true colours of the miniatures, mine does not. The other thing that I am miffed about is that I spent ages doing stripes and things and the way the photo is taken means that you cannot really see them.

Tomorrow is the postponed Sudan war game…. I am really looking forward to it…I actually must remember to ge the rules found again!

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