I got some of the 6mm printed samurai painted this evening… a simple down and dirty paint scheme…

They fiti in with the Baccus really well.

I also undercoated some of the Renaissance Pike, it didn’t seem worth it warming up the spray can for ten 6mm samurai….

I got a bit of paint on these too… I wonder whose idea was it to print Landskecht!

Regarding the Renaissance ideas. I worked out a 500 point imperial army, 250 is seen a a starter army. This was a mix of cavalry and 2 landskecht and 2 Tercio Pike blocks…with associated skirmishers, mounted and on foot, some guns and some generals… if I bought them tomorrow it would work out as £78.00. This is with two Pike on each base rather than four.

I don’t know why but it is seriously messing with my head…that is a lot of 6mm miniatures to paint… i do however reckon, even with my painting abilities, that it would look pretty impressive. I always like to get both sides in a conflict, as too many times others have dropped out of plans and all of a sudden there is an army with no one to fight. So in reality cost would be double the above.

I am going to have a think about how to go about things… thanks for the support and the ideas that came in.

7 thoughts on “A Bit of Painting and a Cost Update

  1. All great points to consider.

    I always like others building armies as an opponent as I find people often like to use their own models. Despite this I also build both armies for a period. Though it can take a while it does provide an option if people move on.

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