This evening started off on a roll. I got the 28mm ruins from the Frostheim set sprayed their base colour. I decided to do these in browns instead of my usual grey. For this reason I went and bought a chocolate brown spray paint, which turned out to be more red than brown…

I put the can in the photo to show the difference in lid colour and final spray. The can was a nightmare, it kept clogging. At one point I had to take the top off and give it a wash. It spent more time upside down than it did the right way up.

After spraying the above I set about getting the Baccus samurai onto the sticks, ready for the white undercoat. I had just started when I got the massage to say that this little chap heeded picking up…

He is a feral kitten, that we have been waiting for for about 9 weeks. He was caught this evening, so off we went to pick him up.

We are going to be getting a second one tomorrow, if it will be caught.

When I got back I finished getting them in their sticks… I will spray them tomorrow morning ready for a bit of paint tomorrow evening.

Of course I now have a problem, everything else was in fours or a nice even number so I had either yellow sashimono or teal sashimono… I now have three units… what do I do? Nightmare scenario…. the stress, the stress… as you might be able to tell, I may be a little OCD… actually easiest thing to do would be to paint it a different colour totally.

I am going to paint these in different coloured armour, so they will likely take four times as long as the ashigaru.

The one thing that dawned on me today was that I am probably going to run out of bases. My packet of two hundred 40x20mm seemed more than enough for many armies, problem is…I have now painted many armies.

And finally… this made me laugh!

4 thoughts on “A Bit of Progress

  1. Hopefully you can drag back the brown colouring on you buildings, a black wash solves most things (see my rocky outcrops in my current post!😉).

    Good luck with the kitten, he is gorgeous! and hope you catch the other one too.

    I think we are all a bit OCD in this hobby, but sometimes it helps!

    Cheers Roger,

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  2. Well, I’m not OCD – I always go back and count the number of letters in my comments to make sure its an even number, but that’s just being thorough! I’d go with half-and-half yellow and teal sashomonos on the new lot! Nice kitten, great cartoon!


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