Yes tomorrow we pack up the caravan and head to where I work, well not exactly where I work, that would be weird. We’re going to the Skeld Campsite for a couple of nights. So there will be no painting for a couple of days until I get back Sunday night.

I have pretty much finished these, apart from the belt and rope on the milkmaid. I also got some more done on the Samurai (Ashigaru)… mainly sashimono and head gear…

I would have got the finished but at 22.00 the owner of the horses field dropped us a message to say he had put some weedkiller down to kill off the thistles… then realised that the ground couldn’t be grazed for a week. So I had to drop paint brushes and head off to the hill with the horses in tow. Not what I wanted to be doing, but it pretty much went really easily to be honest.

I also did a bit more on the Flintloque miniatures. A spot of colour here and there’s it isn’t really worth adding a photo each time.

I will still get to annoy you by adding to the blog, but therefore therefore be a miniature in sight… unless I manage to get something together, along with all the other stuff to do.

6 thoughts on “Last Painting for a Couple of Days

  1. I do like that wagon and all the minis with it! 🙂 Have a good time in the caravan! Of course, you could just drop a load of stuff for painting in at the school an nip in there in the evenings to paint! Anyone queries it, you should be able to get away with “My School! My rules! 😉

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